Stainless Steel and Cavernous Concrete

The Petrova Gora monument sits atop the highest mountain of the Petrova Gora mountain range in Croatia. The range hosts a warren of abandoned underground tunnels and rooms which once served as a military hospital during the second world war.

The monument was built in remembrance of those who fought and died in local struggles against fascism. In particular Croat and Serbian uprisings launched by the Kordun and Banija people. The building has a noticeably damaged stainless steel exterior and a cavernous concrete interior and currently stands at an impressive twelve stories tall.


Left to the Elements: A Legal Technicality

Designed by Vojin Baki, the futuristic structure was completed in 1981 and hosted a museum celebrating the people’s liberation. Due to a legal technicality dating from the communist era the building lacks the correct legal status and as such has been left in a state of limbo.

In fact it is slowly falling apart. In part due to the elements and in part enterprising locals who understandably covet the valuable stainless steel covering the building.


A Worthy Detour

To some of the Croat locals the wavy asymmetrical panelled exterior is too stark, too ugly but to others it is an architectural feat of imagination and ingenuity. In truth most people can’t deny the sense of dignity, strength and perseverance it once held, but they also agree that it is now a crumbling shell of it’s former self.

The legal deadlock doesn’t look like it will be resolved any time soon. So for the time being it is locals, adventurous travellers and urban explorers who you are most likely to find on site. The building has an edgy feel, which in part is due to it’s remoteness and state of abandonment, and it would be a nice detour for anyone interested in communist era buildings.

[one_half]Opening Hours: The site is abandoned and open to the elements. [/one_half][one_half_last]Address: Petrova Gora, Selakova Poljana, Croatia, 47220. The quickest route is a train to Karlovac followed by a bus to Petrova Gora. [/one_half_last]

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Photo credit: Photo 1 by Укларочить (Тоида), Photo 2 and 3 by PROtomislav medak.

Sources: Wikipedia and Atlas Obscura