In the small Finnish city of Kotka lies a statue of Vladimir Lenin. The statue was originally hosted in the Estonian city of Tallinn and was unveiled on the 26 August 1979. The two are twin cities and it was only later that the statue was gifted to Kotka. The statue was made by the Estonia sculptor Mati Varik and is located in Lenin Park. A small park in the centre of Kotka.

Readers may not see much of a strong association between the Russian revolutionary and Finland but it is rumoured that Lenin spent the night in a wooden house in the area and visited the very same park in the early 1900s whilst on the run. The people of Finland hold a generally positive view of Lenin as he was an integral figure in helping the Finnish during their battle for independence.

This statue is one of only two outdoor public statues of Lenin. The other can be found in Turku. In 1995 as part of an international exhibition a complimentary sculpture of ”Lenin’s missing arm” was unveiled near the original statue. Viewed from the right angle this arm looks to be a perfect fit for the original.