The Chiselled Features of an old Communist Leader

As something of a local novelty the giant glowering head of the communist revolutionary Vladamir Lenin completely dominates the central square of Ulan Ude. At almost 8 metres tall the chiselled features of the old Soviet leader look out upon the 400,000 inhabitants of this Eastern Siberian city.

The city of Ulan Ude is the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia and the third largest in Siberia. Alongside the Lenin head live around 400,000 local residents.

The soviet countries of the past had a history of stark grand public statues, and the Lenin Head of Ulan Ude is unrivalled in size. It has stood the test of both time and taste and while other monuments and statues were sold, stolen or hidden this grandiose sculpture has remained in place.


Somewhere Between Ulaanbaatar and Moscow

The city of Ulan Ude was an important crossroads between the industrial west of Russia and China, via Mongolia. There is a strong Mongol-Buddhist culture in the city.

The statue was built in 1970, the centennial of Lenin’s birth. Many residents give the statue nothing more than a cursory glance during the morning commute. However the area is now popular as a site for wedding photos or as an easily recognised meeting point.

Everything in the city of Ulan Ude is within walking distance. The Lenin head is in the central square and if you don’t fancy walking there are both shuttle buses and taxis available. The city itself is on the Trans-Mongolia railway between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar. For more detailed information on travelling the Trans-Mongolian you should head over to

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Photo credits: Photo 1 by Mr Hicks46 , and photo 2 by Jody McIntyre