Culturally Significant and Thought Provoking Posts About the Political Left

Marx Get Set Go is the creation of a team of digital nomads who have been on the road, on-and-off, for the better part of a decade. Along the way our approach to travel and politics has changed. We joined the throngs of tourists in the Mediterranean, and backpacked our way around South East Asia.

We enjoyed it at the time, but as the years have passed we have consciously tried to explore more culturally significant and thought provoking locations which in turn has broadened our perspective on the world. With this simple philosophy in mind, the website is base camp for those looking for ideas, discussion and destinations that are a little different. Ideas which we hope will intrigue and interest you.

Travel Destinations of the Political Left

More specifically it is an on-line resource for anyone looking for travel tips and news about locations and events that are important in the history of leftist movements with particular emphasis given to the German philosopher Karl Marx, hence the name of the website. We acknowledge that the history of the left is a broad topic and we understand that the subject matter could vary spectacularly.

This is, in part, our intention. There are a great many countries around the world associated with the political left and it is our hope that this site could act as a forum for discussion on travel to these destinations and their respective histories.

Chomsky or Piketty rather than Marx

Nevertheless, at the outset we want to pre-emptively dispel a myth that may develop, that this site is in some way celebrating the history of leftist movements, socialism or communism.

Far from it, the site is intended as a fair, balanced, informative tool for open minded and conscientious travelers looking to explore somewhere different. In truth, you are much more likely to find us reading Chomsky or Piketty than Marx.

That being said, we feel it is important to recognise the effect the left has had on shaping society and the political landscape. And as such, we believe there is the space and hopefully the desire for such a website.